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White Crow Projects is a strategy consultancy working with ambitious clients in the art world. We love solving problems, telling stories and improving systems by leveraging technology.

There are projects that are necessary and projects that drive an organisation forward. We specialise in the latter. We are interested in innovating, pushing boundaries and developing new technologies that have measurable impact, whether that be an increase in sales or an increase in footfall.

We began as designers, but as we grew we realised the value of having a multidisciplinary team of art historians, psychologists, programmers and data scientists working together on projects. Working with start-ups and established organisations we inject each project with entrepreneurial spirit and a design-led approach.

At White Crow Projects we don't shy away from complex problems and being early adopters of technologies: we produced the first fully immersive VR exhibition, engineer camera rigs to scan paintings in three dimensions, develop machine learning algorithms to identify forgeries and curate exciting exhibitions at art fairs.